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Liquid Control

Liquid Controls

a leading Manufacture of High quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications.


Kwangshin Machine Ind.Co., Ltd , a world leader in the production of compressors used in various fields, constantly developing new technologies.


FläktGroup is the new European market leader for energy efficient indoor air technology solutions, providing our customers with the highest quality solutions for improved air comfort and well-being.


Toptech Systems is a global company dedicated to streamlining data management and bringing efficiencies from the load rack to the back office through presets and automation software.


MannTek is a coupling manufacturer. MannTek produces and markets products for safe and environmentally friendly handling of aggressive fluids for the chemical and petrochemical industries.


OCV Control Valves are a worldwide industry leader in designing hydraulically-operated, diaphragm-actuated, automatic control valves.


Corken is a leading manufacturer of industrial compressors, industrial pumps, bypass valves, and accessories.


COXREELS® manufactures heavy duty professional grade hose, cord, and cable reels of the highest quality. Coxreels are the worldwide leader in the reel industry.


SAMPI product line is by developing systems based on its core products and in the nineties introduced electronic products for terminal and tank truck automation.

Faure Herman

The French company, founded in 1925, designs and manufactures high-accuracy flow-meters for liquid hydrocarbon applications both in O&G and aerospace industries.


At Liquid Controls Sponsler, they are committed to designing, manufacturing, and calibrating the highest quality flow measuring products.


Banjo Corporation joined IDEX Fluid & Metering Technologies Division in 2006 to strengthen and complement IDEX's global position in delivering complete fluidics solutions to Agricultural and Industrial industries.


Manufacturer of pipes and connectors for the petrochemical industries. More than 40 years customers rely on Irapco as a single supplier of product In solutions for the transfer of petrochemical products.


Benecor is the industry leader in designing & manufacturing the highest quality def dispensing & storage solutions. BENECOR manufactures DEF storage systems, retail dispensing equipment, pumps and pump packages for totes and drums / barrels. We also engineer custom DEF storage and dispensing solutions tailored to customers’ unique needs.

Morrison Bros.Co

Morrison Bros. Co. started making boilers in Dubuque, Iowa in 1855. By the turn of the century the company was fabricating tanks and equipment for the oil business and the name Morrison was well established in the industry and became known as the "Oil Equipment Headquarters."


Angus Flexible Pipelines is a global leader in providing fluid transfer solutions to a wide range of applications such as mining, military, ship to shore, oil and gas, agriculture, water transfer and many more.


INFILTEK specializes in process filtration and separation technologies. With over three decades of experience in a wide array of process applications, INFILTEK has gained a world-wide reputation for filtration and engineering excellence.


Balflex® is an international group of companies dedicated to the design, production and distribution of all types of hoses. Flexible pipes, connections, connectors, adapters, quick couplings and V-belts, with high quality standards.

Petro Clear

PetroClear provides fuel-dispenser filters and filtration accessories for dispensing petroleum, ethanol, methanol and biodiesel blends at retail and commercial fuel sites.


Woodfield Systems International is a premier design, manufacturing, sales & service organization providing customized bulk fluid handling and safety access solutions for loading and unloading product in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and aviation sector.


Since 1912, Beaudrey has specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of fully customizable water screening and condenser protection equipment.


In the field of distribution, delivery and storage of petroleum products, ALMA offers a wide and complete range of equipments strictly developed through field experience, and responding to operators needs and legal metrology.